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Fifty Sisters – digital exhibition at Caulfield Library
Screen-based version of Fifty Sisters showing at Monash University, Caulfield

Lumen Prize
Fifty Sisters awarded the 2016 Lumen Prize in the still image category

AI Festival: Creative Machines
Part of Melbourne's AI Festival features a discussion on "Creative Machines" at ACCA

Consciência Cibernética [?]
Jon McCormack's Eden will be part of the exhibition on Cybernetic Consciousness in São Paulo, Brazil

Creative AI meetup
Creative AI meet up with Jon McCormack and Patrick Hutchings

EVA London
Paper presented at EVA London on "Working with Generative Systems: an artistic perspective"

Red Green Blue: A History of Australian Video Art
Jon McCormack's Turbulence features in this retrospective of Australian Video Art

Human & Machine: The Next Great Creative Partnership
Panel on creativity and AI as part of Vivid Ideas

Meural Featured Artist
A selection of images from the Fifty Sisters series is now featured on the Meural platform.

EvoMUSART 2017
A new paper on Niche Constructing Drawing Robots at EvoMUSART 2017