Above: Colourfield on the glass street display, Cube 37 Gallery.

A group exhibition of CEMA artists involved in the Design After Nature project. Here’s some photos of the event, which ran from 13 July – 10 August 2009.

Biotope at Cube 37, the large street display at the Frankston Arts Centre

Frankston Arts Centre (Cube 37)
37 Davey St, Frankston VIC 3199

List of Exhibited Works

Ollie Bown Sonic Ecosystem 1.1 2009 Computer simulation with realtime audio input and output
Troy Innocent, Mark Guglielmetti, Indae Hwang, Joel Collins, Vanessa Riley x-milieu 2008 Interactive computer installation
Alan Dorin Constellation 2009 Generative software installation
Alice Eldridge You Pretty Little Flocker 2008 Generative software installation
Mark Guglielmetti Untitled 2009 Generative software installation
Troy Innocent Autograf 2009 Generative software installation
Taras Kowaliw The Worm Variations 2009 Computer simulation (digital video)
Jon McCormack Colourfield 2009 Software ecosystem
Gordon Monro Drum Mask 2009 Digital video
Benjamin Porter It Looks Like An Echinoderm 2009 Computer simulation (Digital video)