Materia Prima

Fifty Sisters by Jon McCormack at the exhibition Materia Prima, LABoral, Barcelona, Spain

Materia prima presents outstanding work at the nexus of art and science but it is also a showcase for the notoriously curious and as such the whole exhibition space serves as an inspiring laboratory environment which in a literal way has a set of visitor labs as its central core. This hybrid form of presentation is a clear commitment to the didactic and inspirational potential of art and science and an expression of our wholehearted believe in the impact that art and science can unfold beyond their own territories and in the power and creative energy which can be derived from the collaboration of art and science.

Materia Prima, Experiments on digital art & science was an Exhibition project at LABoral in Barcelona, Spain that featured Fifty Sisters.

The exhibition ran from November 12th 2015 through to May 8th 2016.


Nelo Akamatsu
ARTSAT: Art and Satellite Project
María Castellanos / Alberto Valverde
Teresa Dillon / Naomi Griffin-Murtagh / Claire Dempsey / Aisling McCrudden
María Edwards
Nick Ervinck
Shiho Fukuhara / Georg Tremmel
Matthew Gardiner
Andy Gracie
Cornelia Hesse-Honegger
Jon McCormack
Agnes Meyer-Brandis
Kono Michinari / Takayuki Hoshi / Yasuaki Kakehi
Patricia Piccinini
Rüdiger Trojok

Curator: Gerfried Stocker, Director Artístico de Ars Electronica

Spatial Design: Fandango & Co.
Graphic Design: Pasajero 37

More information on the LABoral website for Materia Prima.

Photos of the exhibition from Ars Electronica

AGRIEBORZ / Nick Ervinck (BE)Teacup Tools / Agnes Mayer Brandis (DE)Teacup Tools / Agnes Mayer Brandis (DE)The Listener / Patricia Piccinini (AU)Biopresence / Shiho Fukuhara (JP), Georg Tremmel (AT)Fifty Sisters / Jon McCormack (AU)Chijikinkutsu / Nelo Akamatsu (JP)Synthetic Memetic / Matthew Gardiner (AU)Gene Gun Hack / Rüdiger Trojok (DE)Environment Dress / María Castellanos (ES), Alberto Valverde (ES)Materia PrimaDrosophila titanus / Andy Gracie (UK/ES)Materia Prima / FabLabMobile Instrument / María Ignacia Edwards (CL)Opening of Materia PrimaOpening of Materia PrimaOpening of Materia Prima