CreateWorld 2014 Keynote

I’ll be giving the keynote address at this year’s CreateWorld 2014: A digital arts conference, 12-13 February 2014. The conference takes place in Brisbane at Griffith University’s South Bank Campus.

Creative Ecosystems for the 21st Century

In just a few decades, technology has radically changed many creative disciplines. Once the domain of experimental artists and researchers working in expensive and often esoteric laboratories, technology is now a fundamental part of almost all creative conceptualisation, production, communication and distribution. But how well do people using these new technologies understand how they work and what effect have they had on individual and collective creativity?

We are now producing more information than any time in human history and much of that information is digital and almost instantly accessible. In this talk I will look at the new creative ecosystems of the 21st century and discuss how recent changes in technology will facilitate new forms of creativity between people, society and machines.

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