EvoMUSART 2013

Figure from Galanter, P. "What is Complexism", 2008

Figure from Galanter, P. “What is Complexism”, 2008

I presented a new paper at EvoMUSART 2013, part of the EvoStar collection of conferences and workshops on evolutionary computing. The conference ran from 3-5 April 2013. Here’s the details on my paper:

Aesthetics, Art, Evolution


This paper discusses issues in evolutionary art related to Art Theory and Aesthetics with a view to better understanding how they might contribute to both research and practice. Aesthetics is a term often used in evolutionary art, but is regularly used with conflicting or naïve understandings. A selective history of evolutionary art as art is provided, with an examination of some art theories from within the field. A brief review of aesthetics as studied in philosophy and art theory follows. It is proposed that evolutionary art needs to resolve some important conflicts and be clearer about what what it means by terms like “art” and “aesthetics”. Finally some possibilities for how to resolve these conflicts are described.

A pre-print is available for download.

Outside TU Wein

Snow falls just outside the conference venue.