Human & Machine: The Next Great Creative Partnership

Vivid Sydney panel: Dave King, Jon McCormack, Joanna L. Batstone, Michaela Futcher and Ross Goodwin

As part of Sydney’s Vivid Ideas for 2017, Jon McCormack will be part of a presentation and discussion on the future of human-machine partnerships.

Artificial Intelligence is embedding itself in every industry across the globe. If the last ten years were about building AI to help automate analytical and process-driven tasks, the next ten will be about building AI to augment creative workers across all disciplines. The field of computational creativity, or creative AI, is growing at a rapid pace.


  • Ross Goodwin (New York, USA), artist, creative technologist, hacker, gonzo data scientist
  • Joanna L. Batstone (Melbourne, Australia),  Vice President and Lab Director, IBM Research – Australia and Chief Technology Officer, IBM Australia and New Zealand
  • Jon McCormack (Melbourne, Australia), artist and researcher in creative computing
  • Michaela Futcher (Sydney, Australia), Head of Strategy for the creative communications agency, The Royals
  • Dave King (Melbourne, Australia), CEO and Founder of Move 37, a creative AI company

More information on the Vivid Ideas website.