Poïèse / Autopoïèse : art et système – La Novela Festival

I exhibited Niche Constructions and took part in “Poïèse / Autopoïèse : art et système” colloque, which took place during Toulouse Numérique, part of La Novela Festival, held in Toulouse, France, October 2012. Here’s the poster and the program.

Some photos from the event (click on an image to enlarge)

Eduardo Kac gives his presentationDéjeunerFabrique ExhibitionFabrique Exhibitionplateau de fromagesFabrique ExhibitionDéjeunerFrabique exhibitionArijana Kajfes work

A new exhibition of Niche Constructions formed part of the exhibition program at Centre Culturel Bellegarde. There were still images and a generative version running on a computer. Here are some photos from the exhibition: