Presentation at Sint Lucas Antwerpen

I gave a research presentation at Sint Lucas Antwerpen in Belgium.
Date: Monday, 4th February 2013 @ 6pm
Generative Art, Ecosystems, Evolution: design strategies for digital art
Jon McCormack
In this talk I will present my work in digital art over the last twenty years, along with the ideas that have inspired it. I am interested in understanding the underlying processes that enable creativity to occur in nature, and how these might translate to machines. My approach is to look beyond scientific simulation and develop a new kind of art practice based on human-computer synergetics. This approach considers process as a fundamental entity over its material instantiation. I will describe the generative computer algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques I have developed and how they are used to generate new representations of nature through the artificiality of computer code. My early work used evolutionary methods, and later, more complex ecosystem models that try to emulate the nuances found in real biological ecosystems. I will conclude with a brief discussion on the new roles computers can play in expanding the creative process.