I exhibited my work as part of “Wonderland” at the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Taiwan. Curated by Antoanetta Ivanova, this group exhibition looked broadly at current Australian contemporary art practice, featuring artists working in a variety of different media. Works exhibited included selections from the Morphogenesis series and a new 3 channel HD video work, “The Unknowable”. The exhibition ran from 10th February – 8th April 2012.

Artists|Elizabeth Delfs, Leon Cmielewski, Josephine Starrs, Kylie Stillman, Martin Walch, Josephine Starrs, Jasmine Targett, Alex Davies, Cath Robinson, Matthew Gingold, Fiona Lowry, Daniel Crooks, George Poonkhin Khut, Jess MacNeil, Jon McCormack, Kuuki, Priscilla Bracks & Gavin Sade, Kylie Stillman, Joan Ross, Anna Davern, Fiona Lowry, Kynan Tan, Bindi Cole, Julie Dowling, Julie Ryder, Matthew Gardiner, and Chris Henschke.

Curator|Antoanetta Ivanova

The exhibition was very popular, receiving on average 2000 visitors per day in the opening weeks.

Some images from the catalogue