Little Desert

The Little Desert National Park is a sublime preserve of Victorian flora and fauna, located in western Victoria, Australia. Often under-recognised and poorly signposted, the park is hardly a desert at all receiving 400-600mm of rainfall per year.  This set of photographs was taken over a few days spent exploring the eastern section of the park in April 2011, camped at Horseshoe Bend, 5mins from Dimboola.

I used a Hasselblad 503cw camera, Zeiss 50mm and 80mm lenses, and Kodak Ektar and Porta NC film, 6 x 6cm format.

Ektar-Roll1-03Ektar-Roll1-06Ektar-Roll1-11Ektar-Roll1-12Ektar-Roll2-01Ektar-Roll2-02Ektar-Roll2-03Ektar-Roll2-04Ektar-Roll2-05bEktar-Roll2-06Ektar-Roll2-07Ektar-Roll2-09Ektar-Roll2-08bEktar-Roll2-11Ektar-Roll2-12Ektar-Roll3-01Ektar-Roll3-04Ektar-Roll3-05Ektar-Roll3-07Ektar-Roll3-08Ektar-Roll3-09Ektar-Roll3-11Ektar-Roll3-12Companion Ranger with Coffee Pot