My research seeks to discover new modes of creative expression through computation.

I am interested in generative, evolutionary and artificial life modelling, in particular developmental models, L-Systems, hybrid grammar systems, and agent-based ecosystem simulation. My current research work involves the development of systems for generative synthesis of two dimensional drawings, three dimensional form, electronic sound and music composition. I am also involved in developing organic modelling techniques for computer graphics, such as cellular developmental models and grammar-based development. I have a strong interest in Evolutionary Computing and Ecology, in particular its application to creative synthesis and systems, along with applications to new forms of human-computer interaction.

I am also a practicing artist with interests in philosophical and cultural issues concerning Artificial Life and Artificial Nature, and the practical simulation of natural forms, behaviours, and processes by ‘unnatural’ means. Much of my written work explores technological and computer based representations of the natural, and examines how these relate to the public dissemination of scientific information about nature, biology, and evolution.

In recent years, I have explored creativity (appropriate novelty) and its origins in evolutionary, human cognitive, and social systems. A new volume on this topic, Computers and Creativity (co-edited with Mark d’Inverno) was published by Springer in 2012.

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