Poïèse / Autopoïèse : art et système – La Novela Festival

Poïèse / Autopoïèse : art et système, part of the La Novela festival of shared knowledge in Toulouse, France, features Niche Constructions.

Creative Ecosystems

An ARC funded project that looks at concepts and metaphors from biological ecosystems as a means to enhance human creativity in the digital arts.

IEEE Symposium on Artificial Life 2011

Two new papers on Ecosystem methods in the digital arts, presented at the IEEE Artificial Life Symposium, Paris 11-15 April 2011

Design After Nature Project

An ARC funded research project that looked at how biological processes could be successfully applied to creative systems.


An interactive, evolutionary ecosystem of artificial life where creatures learn to make interesting sounds.

Écosystèmes: biodiversité et art contemporain

Écosystèmes: biodiversité et art contemporian, Espace Fernand Pouillon de l’Université de Provence, Marseille. 20 October – 15 December 2010


EvoEco is an experimental piece of software for the creation of abstract images using simple virtual drawing creatures.

Niche Constructions

Evolutionary drawing artwork

Autonomous software agents create line drawings using niche construction.


Colourfield: an evolutionary ecosystem of colour

Software artwork: an evolutionary ecosystem of colour dynamics.

Digital Paradise

Media Art exhibition at the Daejeon Museum of Art, 20 October – 19 December 2005