a quivering marginalia

Installation, 2016 with Gary Warner.

Recommended Old Books for 2012

2012. Five old books worth reading.

Fifty Sisters

Evolved plant images based on oil company logos. Commission for the Ars Electronica Museum, Linz, Austria.

Nodal now available from the Mac App store

After many months of waiting, our generative music software Nodal is now available from the Apple Mac store.

IEEE Symposium on Artificial Life 2011

Two new papers on Ecosystem methods in the digital arts, presented at the IEEE Artificial Life Symposium, Paris 11-15 April 2011


An interactive, evolutionary ecosystem of artificial life where creatures learn to make interesting sounds.


Nodal patch by Jon McCormack

Nodal uses a novel, graph-based method to compose and play generative music in real time.


EvoEco is an experimental piece of software for the creation of abstract images using simple virtual drawing creatures.


A multi-screen, immersive audio visual installation based on insect dynamics.

Morphogenesis Series

A series of digital still images (2001-2004) based on evolved computer models of native Australian flora.