xCoax Conference Paper

A new paper for the XCoAx conference: Representation and Mimesis in Generative Art: Creating Fifty Sisters

EvoMUSART 2013

I’ll be presenting a paper “Aesthetics, Art, Evolution” at EvoMUSART in Vienna, April 3-5.

Creative Ecosystems

An ARC funded project that looks at concepts and metaphors from biological ecosystems as a means to enhance human creativity in the digital arts.

Design After Nature Project

An ARC funded research project that looked at how biological processes could be successfully applied to creative systems.

Artificial Life 12

A new paper, Enhancing Creativity with Niche Construction, was presented at Alife XII in Odense, Denmark, 19-23 August 2010.

Reaction Diffusion System

I’ve been playing with some time-based reaction-diffusion systems…