EVA London

Paper presented at EVA London on “Working with Generative Systems: an artistic perspective”

EvoMUSART 2017

A new paper on Niche Constructing Drawing Robots at EvoMUSART 2017

IJCAI 2015

Jon McCormack is an invited speaker at IJCAI 2105 in Buenos Aires

Rob|Arch 2016

Conference on Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art & Design, Sydney March 2016

EvoMUSART 2014

New paper on variation and utility in Evolutionary Art to be presented at EvoMUSART 2014

CreateWorld 2014 Keynote

Jon McCormack will present the keynote address at the 2014 CreateWorld conference, 12-13th February, Brisbane, Australia.

OzVis 2013

OzViz 2013 Keynote and Fifty Sisters in the Cave 2

xCoax Conference Paper

A new paper for the XCoAx conference: Representation and Mimesis in Generative Art: Creating Fifty Sisters

EvoMUSART 2013

I’ll be presenting a paper “Aesthetics, Art, Evolution” at EvoMUSART in Vienna, April 3-5.

Keynote at KICSS 2012

Jon McCormack will present a keynote address on Computers and Creativity at KICSS 2012