Improvisational interfaces

Improvisational Interfaces

ARC Research project on improvisational creativity

IJCAI 2015

Jon McCormack is an invited speaker at IJCAI 2105 in Buenos Aires

AISB14 Symposium on Computational Creativity

New paper, On the Future of Computers and Creativity, presented at AISB-50 in London 2014

Computers and Creativity

Our book, Computers and Creativity, looks at how artistic creativity is changed by computers.

Impossible Nature: the Art of Jon McCormack

Monograph on the work of Jon McCormack, 2004

Developmental Modelling

Developmental modelling simulates the processes of biological development: morphogenesis.

Creative Ecosystems

An ARC funded project that looks at concepts and metaphors from biological ecosystems as a means to enhance human creativity in the digital arts.

IEEE Symposium on Artificial Life 2011

Two new papers on Ecosystem methods in the digital arts, presented at the IEEE Artificial Life Symposium, Paris 11-15 April 2011

Design After Nature Project

An ARC funded research project that looked at how biological processes could be successfully applied to creative systems.

Nodal patch by Jon McCormack


Nodal uses a novel, graph-based method to compose and play generative music in real time.