We are, at every moment, less of what we once were.

We are, at every moment, less of what we once were.

A series of digitally manipulated photographs, taken around the Austrian city of Linz.

Codeform Ticket


A virtual ecosystem of artificial life generated by codes from museum visitor’s entry tickets

exxon (detail) - Fifty Sisters Series

Fifty Sisters

Evolved plant images based on oil company logos. Commission for the Ars Electronica Museum, Linz, Austria.

Voronoi Wall

Voronoi Wall

Laser cut acoustic panel art based on river patterns and Voronoi partitioning

Eden (Installation view) ACMI


An interactive, evolutionary ecosystem of artificial life where creatures learn to make interesting sounds.

Flicker - still image


A multi-screen, immersive audio visual installation

Evolutionary drawing artwork

Niche Constructions

Autonomous software agents create line drawings using niche construction

Colourfield: an evolutionary ecosystem of colour


Software artwork: an evolutionary ecosystem of colours



A 43m x 9.7m digital image commissioned for QUT’s Creative Industries precinct in Queensland.

Morphogenesis Series

Morphogenesis Series

A series of digital still images (2001-2004) based on evolved computer models of native Australian flora