OzVis 2013

Fifty Sisters Cave 2

Fifty Sisters (Cave 2 realisation)

I gave a keynote talk at OzViz 2013, which ran from the 9-10th December 2013 at Monash University in the New Horizons building.

Here’s the abstract for my talk:

Visualisation: Art vs Science
Visualisation is a process of transformation, allowing perception of the imperceptible or invisible. While scientific visualisation is often concerned with transforming data into images, in this talk I will present research concerning the transformation of process into images. Generative systems are procedural or rule-based process descriptions that typically generate data many orders of magnitude greater than their specification, posing a number of visualisation challenges. Working with computer models based on biological development and evolution, I have developed a number of generative visual and interactive artworks based on the idea of visualising process. These artworks share a common goal with scientific visualisation in that they are attempting to bring form to what cannot be directly perceived. Equally as interesting is how convention and culture come into play in the way we think about visualisation: does our way of seeing determine what we want to see?


The conference included a series of works running on the Cave 2, a high-resolution, immersive visualisation system recently installed at Monash, including a version of Fifty Sisters, some images below.

Fifty Sisters Cave 2 Fifty Sisters Cave 2

More images (click on the thumbnail to view):

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