Psychic Messenger

Psychic Messenger

Symbiotic Object • 2023 • edition of 2

An electronic object that detects human presence and responds with advice or aphorisms.

We are surrounded by an endless stream of information and scrolling media. Psychic messenger cuts through your everyday turmoil by sensing your human presence and responding, on occasion, with a suitable aphorism or sage advice.

The text is derived from Ram Dass' 1971 book on spirality, yoga and meditation, Be Here Now. A machine learning algorithm re-combines the text to generate new insights specific to the owner, aiding in their personal  development.

Psychic Messenger is a symbiotic object, designed to be an occasional companion on your life's journey – where ever it may take you.

This work was released in an edition of two and gifted to friends.

Psychic Messenger by Jon McCormack